Turk Maadin Sirketi was first established in March 1918 in İstanbul under the title “Osmanlı–Alman Maadin Şirketi”, (Ottoman-German Mining Co). After altering its name to Osmanlı Maadin Şirketi (Ottoman Mining Co) in 1919, The Company started chrome ore production in Dağardı  Mine at Orhaneli in Bursa Province.  The production in this region lasted for 30 years with a total capacity of 200.000 tons. After the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923, the name of the company was changed into “Turk Maadin Sirketi”; which is one of the leading “high grade” chrome ore producers in Turkey.

Türk Maadin Şirketi has three chromite mines. They are: Kavak Mine, which is in Mihalıççık Village in Eskişehir Province and it has been active since 1930; Köyceğiz Mine, which is in Fethiye Area in Muğla Province has been active since 1948 and finally; Tavas Mine, which is in Beyağaç Village in Denizli Province and it has been active since 1965. Company also realized molybdenum production in Balışeyh Village in Ankara and Demirkoy region in Kırklareli Province between the years 1972 and 1984.

In the recent years, almost all of its chrome ore production is exported. The manufacturer-exporter identity of Turk Maadin Sirketi is depending on reliability and stable quality in ore production and it is supported by the experience gained over the last 100 years.

Currently with more than 300 employees and with a saleable quantity of 100-120.000 mt / year (Lumpy Concentrate), Türk Maadin Sirketi is one of the most established chrome-ore producer in private mining sector. In order to bring value to the low grade chrome ore in the metal market, Türk Maadin Şirketi is accelerating its R&D activities, developing current mines and starting to run a new concentrating plant, always with a sustainable, environment friendly and conscious mining approach.

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